Author: Brad Schaeffer

How Hurricane Ida Showed The Value Of America’s Energy Boom

Sixteen years ago Hurricane Katrina came barreling like a 350-mile-wide freight train into the Gulf Coast. In addition to the tragic loss of over 1,800 souls and the cost of property damage and other economic impacts estimated at $150 billion, the storm was a major event for the United States’ energy market, especially natural gas. […]

Norm MacDonald: As Fearless As He Was Funny

What’s funnier? The long, winding joke where the punchline is but the last of many laughs throughout the journey? Or the short staccato one-liner? If, like me, you love both, then there was one comedian whose decades of work — from his standup and his own quirky TV shows, to his stint on Saturday Night […]

The Sad Politicization Of Late Night Television

Let’s set the way-back machine to 1962-1992. It may be difficult for most Americans born after this window to comprehend, but there was a time when we tuned in to late night television talk shows to come together, not have our politics either affirmed or mocked. If you don’t believe this, I invite you to […]