Author: Ben Zeisloft

How America Is Ignoring The Advice Of George Washington’s Farewell Address

President George Washington’s Farewell Address is one of the most important political speeches in American history. Rather than seeking reelection, Washington chose to step down as Chief Executive after his second term — a move that set a powerful precedent for later Presidents and was eventually enshrined by the Twenty-Second Amendment. On September 19, 1796, […]

Cuba Passes ‘Misinformation’ Law Calling Online Criticism Of The Government ‘Cyberterrorism’

Cuba passed legislation treating “misinformation” as “cyberterrorism.” The move comes weeks after widespread anti-government protests gripped Cuba, which made international news largely because of photos and videos posted to social media by Cubans on the island. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel explained that the law “goes against misinformation and cyber lies.” As Reuters reports about Decree […]