Author: Ben Johnson

‘Absurd,’ ‘Cockamamie,’ ‘Complete Crap’: Analysts Destroy Claim That Biden Gets Worse Media Treatment Than Trump

Allegations that the media gave President Joe Biden more negative coverage than President Donald Trump are based on a faulty computer algorithm that render the results “complete crap,” according to a left-of-center pollster. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight analyzed a widely shared Washington Post story, which claims to present scientific evidence that the legacy media were …

3 Stories The Legacy Media Ignored Last Week

Perhaps the subtlest form of media bias is also the oldest: to simply deprive people of information. Without the knowledge that their technocratic masters’ best-laid plans have utterly failed, citizens cannot change course and spare themselves further harm. The legacy media perpetrate this kind of bias every day through a myriad of news choices, selectively …

Media Give Biden More Negative Coverage Than Trump: The Washington Post

Although the legacy news media subjected President Donald Trump to historic levels of hostility, a Washington Post columnist has claimed to have proof that journalists have given President Joe Biden more negative media coverage than Trump — and that portraying Biden negatively makes them participants in “the murder of democracy.” The results came from a …

Chris Cuomo Out At SiriusXM Radio Show

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo is now also a former SiriusXM Radio host, announcing on Monday that he’s leaving his syndicated radio show just days after CNN fired him for abusing his position as a journalist to defend his brother from sexual harassment allegations — while facing sexual harassment allegations of his own. Speculation swirled …

What Actually Happens If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned?

Of all the forms of inflation Americans have suffered through in recent months, perhaps the worst kind has been threat inflation — the endless stream of doomsday prophecies and apocalyptic warnings that a coalition of theocrats, rubes, and “white supremacists” are secretly turning America into a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale. This was always off-base […]

Let Us Prey? How A ‘Christian’ Suicide Bomber Exposed Muslims Faking Conversions To Avoid Deportation

The contradictions between the West’s mercy and self-loathing collided so violently that it produced what may be a first: an alleged “Christian” suicide bomber. On November 14, Emad Al Swealmeen hailed a taxi to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where the explosive device he carried detonated earlier than he intended. It is not known whether the 32-year-old […]

CNN Story Says ‘Inflation Can Actually Be Good For Everyday Americans.’ Here’s What CNN Published Two Weeks Ago.

One day after the Federal Reserve announced that decades-high levels of inflation show no signs of letting up, CNN released a story saying that “inflation can actually be a good thing for working-class Americans,” because inflation “empowers workers.” The network’s assessment that the middle-class benefits from price-raising inflation not only flies in the face of […]

Exclusive: Joe Biden Participated In Hunter’s Foreign Business Deals, Blockbuster New Book Reveals

Following allegations that he stands at the peak of an influence-peddling empire, President Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that he had no knowledge or involvement in the foreign business deals negotiated by his son, Hunter Biden. Yet his son’s laptop appears to contradict that assertion. A blockbuster new book reveals that the entire Biden family, […]