Author: Arianna Coghill

“All I Want Is My Baby Brother Back”

Three weeks after his death at the hands of Memphis police, Tyre Nichols is finally being laid to rest. On Wednesday, friends and family gathered to celebrate Nichols’ life at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Several lawmakers and civil rights advocates, including Rev. Al Sharpton and Vice President Kamala Harris, attended the […]

Florida State Colleges Will No Longer “Fund or Support” Critical Race Theory

Florida’s ongoing war against so-called “wokeism” has reached a new low. On Wednesday, 28 presidents of Florida’s state and community colleges announced that they would seek to eliminate policies and academic programs that are viewed as forcing a “belief in critical race theory” or subjects related to intersectionality. “Our institutions will not fund or support any institutional […]

The Death of a DC Teacher Renews Calls for Defunding LA Police

On January 3, Los Angeles police officers killed 31-year-old Keenan Anderson, a Washington, DC, high school English teacher, who was visiting family. He went into cardiac arrest after being repeatedly tased by police responding to a traffic accident, according to body camera footage and his family’s account. Newly released body camera footage shows LAPD officers […]

Amid Fresh New Trump Attacks, Biden Will Honor Georgia Election Workers

President Joe Biden on Friday, the two-year anniversary of the January 6th attack on the US Capitol, will award Presidential Citizens Medals to twelve individuals, including law enforcement officials who suffered injuries from the violence and election officials who faced pressure to overturn the election. Among the recipients will also be Fulton County, Georgia election […]

George Santos Is Now Under Investigation as Even More Lies and Inconsistencies Surface

George Santos, the Republican congressman-elect who has come under fire for a growing list of inconsistent and false claims about his financial, employment, and familial history, is facing multiple investigations, including an inquiry announced on Wednesday by Long Island prosecutors. “The numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman-Elect Santos are nothing short of stunning,” said […]

Florida Judge Finally Forced to Dismiss Trump’s Mar-a-Lago “Special Master” Lawsuit

One of Donald Trump’s main tactics to delay the Justice Department’s Mar-a-Lago investigation was officially killed off on Monday. Following orders from an appeals court, a Trump-appointed judge was forced to formally dismiss the ex-president’s lawsuit demanding a third-party review of the evidence seized at his estate. Less than two weeks ago, the Eleventh Circuit Court […]

An Old Ally of Marco Rubio Was Just Arrested on Charges of Lobbying for Venezuela

Once again, there are a series of tricky questions headed for Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) about his relationship with former Republican congressman David Rivera.  On Monday, Rivera, a “longtime pal” of Rubio, was arrested on charges of illegally lobbying for Venezuela. Rivera faces eight federal charges that include conspiracy to commit money laundering, failure to […]