Author: Arianna Coghill

Millions of Americans Are About to Get Kicked Off Medicaid

Starting tomorrow, states will begin to terminate health care coverage for people who no longer qualify for Medicaid, marking the end to a pandemic-era rule that automatically renewed coverage for Medicaid recipients even if they were no longer eligible. An estimated 15 million Americans, a majority of whom are low-income, are expected to lose their health insurance […]

Some Takeaways From The Most Boring Republican Probably Running for President

On Thursday, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin appeared on CNN for an education-themed town hall with Jake Tapper, where concerned citizens directly asked the Republican, a likely contender for the party’s presidential nomination, questions on everything from the state’s gun laws to artificial intelligence in classrooms. In typical Youngkin fashion, he tap danced around most of […]

GOP Bill Aims to “Cancel” Florida’s Democratic Party Over Past Pro-Slavery Stance

A Republican lawmaker has filed a bill that, if passed, would, apparently, eliminate Florida’s Democratic Party. On Tuesday, Florida state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia filed the “Ultimate Cancel Act“—a bill that doesn’t mention the Democrats by name but would require the state’s Division of Elections to “immediately cancel” the filings and official status of any political party […]

One Year Into Russia’s Brutal Invasion of Ukraine, Zelenskyy Vows to Fight for Victory

In a speech marking the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday vowed to push for victory and praised Ukrainians for their enduring strength.  “Our faith has grown stronger. Our morale has been reinforced. We endured the first day of a full-scale war,” Zelenskyy said in a defiant speech that referred to […]

Virginia Has Its Own Ron DeSantis, and He’s Taking Aim at African American Studies

In his seemingly never-ending quest to remove “divisive concepts” from Virginia’s schools, Gov. Glenn Youngkin has taken a page right out of Ron DeSantis’s playbook and called for a review Virginia’s AP African-American studies programs. According to a report this weekend from the Washington Post, Youngkin, a Republican, asked state officials to review the curriculum to […]

Biden: Those Three Aerial Objects We Shot Down Probably Aren’t Spy Balloons

President Biden on Thursday, in his most detailed remarks addressing the recent spate of aerial objects that were shot down over North American skies, said that there is no evidence tying the three unidentified objects to foreign surveillance programs. Officials, however, are still working on confirming the exact details of the objects and their provenance. […]

Report: DOJ Officially Decides Not to Prosecute Matt Gaetz

The Department of Justice has elected not to press charges against Rep. Matt Gaetz after a years-long sex-trafficking probe, according to a CNN source familiar with the subject. In late 2020, during the Trump administration, investigators set out to determine whether or not the Florida Republican had violated federal law, examining what the Washington Post described as […]

It’s Official: Dianne Feinstein Is Not Running for Reelection

After more than three decades in office, Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced Tuesday that she will not be running for reelection in 2024. The 89-year-old senator from California, the longest-serving woman in Senate history, said in a press release that she would “accomplish as much for California as [she] can through the end of next year” […]