Author: Amanda Silverman

I Helped Women in Texas Get Abortions Before Roe. I Can’t Believe I’m Still Having to Do the Same Scary Work.

Prior to Roe v. Wade, the seminal 1973 US Supreme Court ruling that guaranteed abortion care as a constitutional right, Kitty S. served as an “abortion navigator” in Texas, helping people travel out of state to obtain the procedure. Today, she’s “shocked” that nearly 50 years later, she is doing the same—under Texas’ Senate Bill […]

“You Do Not Want to Be Assigned to a Location Which Is Hostile to Your Existence”

This article first appeared on The War Horse, an award-winning nonprofit news organization educating the public on military service. Subscribe to their newsletter. The first week after Staff Sgt. Alleria Stanley reported to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, she says, three separate people approached her to offer advice: For her own safety, she should avoid […]

The Texas Abortion Ban Has Turned Clinics Into Travel Agencies

Patients entering the bright third-floor offices of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services used to follow the familiar steps for a routine medical appointment: check in, get your blood pressure taken, have other vitals examined. But for the past nine months, the typical rhythms and protocols have been completely upended. These days, patients seeking abortion care are […]