Author: Ali Breland

The QAnon Cult Leader in Dallas Has an Allegedly Violent Past

When pictures started circulating in early November of QAnon supporters crowding Dallas’s Dealy Plaza, where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, in anticipation of the second coming of the slain president and the arrival of John F. Kennedy Jr., his dead son, it became a political Twitter joke. Now, some three weeks later, some middle-aged and boomer […]

Disinformation Isn’t Just a Tech Problem. It’s a Social One, Too.

Mis- and disinformation are often viewed as a cause of society’s ills. But a new report from the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder, which studied the global “crisis of trust and truth,” offers a different perspective on how to think about the proliferation of conspiracy theories and bogus info: The rise of disinformation is […]

Who Goes Crytpo?

On May 4, “Ethereum Classic” popped onto the trending section of my Twitter page. I narrowed my eyes and I laughed. This was around the time when Dogecoin was smashing previous price records, requiring mainstream business pages at places like the New York Times to not only explain to the average reader cryptocurrencies, but that […]

How Do People Join Militias? A Leaked Oath Keepers Roster Has Answers.

How does one come to join a militia? When members of right-wing paramilitary groups explain their motivations to the public, they usually give a set of similar, flattering answers—to protect the constitution, to preserve freedom, or defend their community. But a leaked spreadsheet of Oath Keeper members obtained by Mother Jones sheds some light on what they […]

A Harvard Study Is Going Viral Among Anti-Vaxxers. The Author Says They Are All Wrong.

Anti-vaxxers say that they’ve found a smoking gun: a new blue-chip paper that proves COVID vaccines are ineffective.  The vaccine “doesn’t stop you from getting [COVID] at all,” claimed Daniel Horowitz, a senior editor at the Blaze, in in a tweet promoting a column he wrote trumpeting the research. The headline: “Harvard researcher finds absolutely […]

The Facebook Whistleblower Doesn’t Have the Solution

Leaks are generally good. Transparency of powerful institutions is generally good. The person, or people, who provide them are generally doing a noble thing. Frances Haugen, the former Facebook employee who leaked a damning trove of the social media’s internal documents, is no exception. The files that Haugen helped bring to light with the Wall […]

Extremism Experts Say the Media Is Overhyping Potential Violence at Tomorrow’s “Justice for J6” Rally

Depending on your news habits, you might think that we’re on the precipice of another January 6th-style insurrection. “Capitol Police memo warns of potential for violence during September 18 rally,” reads one CNN headline about Saturday’s “Justice for J6” right-wing rally, which is being organized by a former Trump 2016 campaign staffer. “The Capitol Will […]

How Lin Wood and His QAnon Fans Tried to Force a Hospital to Use Ivermectin

“Veronica Wolski was a friend of the Flynn’s, a patriot of the highest order,” wrote Michael Flynn, the prominent backer of the QAnon conspiracy and former Trump National Security Advisor, after her Monday death from COVID-19. “May you Rest In Peace my beautiful friend in Christ.” Before Wolski, an anti-vaxxer and QAnon supporter herself, succumbed, […]