Author: Ali Breland

How a Hard-Right European Group Tried to Manipulate Kenyan Political Discourse on Twitter

Historically, colonial impulses were initially carried out with the backing of big, imperial nation-states. But private groups are also players. Erik Prince of Blackwater fame proposed taking over American operations in Afghanistan with his own mercenaries. In the early 1980s Soldier of Fortune, a magazine, sent in its own editorial staff to help train the […]

Experts Raise Warnings about Steve Bannon’s New Cryptocurrency

Last month, Steve Bannon, the former Trump campaign manager and White House strategist, announced his participation in a new venture: a cryptocurrency marketed to Joe Biden haters and Donald Trump devotees. He and Boris Epshteyn, another ex-Trump adviser, boasted that they had taken a “strategic ownership position” in a crypto coin called $FJB. That stands […]

Hospitalizations of Kids Under Five Increase as Omicron Rages

A record number of children are being hospitalized as the Omicron variant of Covid rages, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky said on Friday.  “While children still have the lowest rate of hospitalization of any group, pediatric hospitalizations are at the highest rate compared to any prior point in the pandemic,” […]

Amazon Is Reducing Its Covid Sick Leave for Workers

Amazon is reducing its Covid-19 paid leave policy to seven sick days instead of the 10 workers had previously received, regardless of vaccination status.  The company said that its decision follows changed Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance that shortened the recommended isolation period for those infected with Covid from 10 to five […]

A New Report Connects the Dots on Parler’s Role Ahead of January 6

After the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot, as researchers and journalists were seeking answers about what happened, how, and why, a trove of helpful information almost magically appeared. Through inept cybersecurity, the right-wing social media site Parler had accidentally made all of its data public to anyone who knew how to find it.  “It would […]

Twitter’s New Privacy Policy Is Making It Harder to Spread Warnings About Online Fascists

On Tuesday, Twitter rolled out an update to its privacy policy that bans people from posting certain “images or videos of private individuals without their consent.” Many journalists and researchers immediately lambasted the new so-called “private information policy,” including activists who use the platform to spread documentation of far-right movements and their supporters. “This is absolutely […]